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Day 15: Kheer and Mark

Jess and I returned to an All Soul's Community Group tonight. Since it was Indian cuisine night, we took kheer, an Indian version of rice pudding. Jess and I had fun cobbling a few recipes together and waiting for the rice soup to reduce to rice pudding. After dinner and dessert, we dove into Mark 1:16-45. Mark's a very direct writer, not one to embellish stories with personal interpretation. It probably helped his readers form their own opinions of this Man from Galilee. It also leaves modern readers with lots of questions. For example, why did Jesus command demons not to speak of Him and a leper not to say anything about his healing? We bandied about many interpretations. What's yours?

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J. Spear said...

Verse 45 kind of answers the question of why Jesus didn't want people to tell about His miracles. The healed leper disobeyed by telling people and it caused Jesus to not be able to enter the city but go out to "desert places" to minister. God is sovereign and the people still followed Him into the desert, but it wasn't an ideal situation. Also, Christ's main mission wasn't to heal people or cast out demons but to go to die as our sacrifice, so people focusing on the miracles would have been misguided attention. That's my thoughts anyway.