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Day 12: Pushing Through and Annapurna Amber

Jess is my new hero -- though feeling rather ill, she pushed through our 7mi x-country loop like a champ! Funny story, though, how we ended up x-country skiing. We were an hour into our drive to A-Basin when we saw 1hr 20min signs to the tunnel (Loveland Pass was closed) which really meant 2+hrs to go then traffic on the way home. Big Man called it, Jess decided (note date and time on this decision!) that we'd go to Mountain Sun for dinner, and we opted for a less crowded x-country ski at Brainard Lake. It was snowing, it was warmer and less windy than last time, and we had pizza and special hot chocolate on the trail so we ended up thoroughly enjoying ourselves.
Then came Mountain Sun -- a fav brewery of the Boulder crowd. I'm usually up for trying anything at least once and tonight was my night to try beer. Jess suggested the Annapurna Amber and how could I resist given the name (flashback to Annapurna South base camp in '03)? It was the suggested "pairing" for my Annapurna Amber-soaked tempeh wrap so, why not? I'm not promising any more beer consumption anytime soon (or ever?) but at least I feel I've embraced the Boulder culture.

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