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From The Time of the Uprooted

"Gamaliel reflected before answering. Go on how? Speaking for fear of silence, loving for fear of solitude, or exile, or death; go on stumbling and recovering? Go on knocking on doors that open too soon or too late? Was that what life was about? A matter of trudging on the long, hard road, and acting as guides to those who follow us?
'Correction,' Gamaliel said at last. 'Go on is not the right choice of words. I believe there are better ones.'
'Have you found them?'
'What are they?'
'Begin again.'
They were silent, watching and marveling at the sun as, after a moment's hesitation, it continued to rise, illuminating the houses of the rich and the poor, the valleys and the mountains, warming the wounded hearts of the uprooted." (Wiesel, 300)

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