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from Elie Wiesel's The Sonderbeg Case

No, he was not going anywhere, at least not yet. Everything in its own time. He couldn't abandon him home, his wife, Alika, the mother of his children, his "parents," his "brother," his "uncle" the memories of his "grandfather." But how is one to live inside quotation marks?
(Wiesel, 173)

The years go by and leave moments like scars., Angst and hope persevere in their tireless struggle.
(Wiesel, 175)

But he knows that, if you believe the old sages, when a just man dies, God weeps and makes the heavens weep. And their cries reverberate in the immensity of the ocean. Then it is given to His children to gather the hearts from the starts in order to water the heart of the orphan, forever open, in spite of everything, to an impossible joy, always searching for a reunion, at long last, with his real departed parents, who were not characters in a play.
(Wiesel, 178)

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