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A friend read to our small gathering one of this week's passages from Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest which struck me as unusual and worth meditating upon. My favorite axiom from the passage follows, "nor is shallowness an indication that there is no depth to your life at all— the ocean has a shore." (Chambers) Perhaps one might substitute carnal or temporal for shallow and understand Chambers more clearly. Of prime importance is the sense of self import we carry when we deal with the profound things of life. How often have others witnessed seriously profound Christians and been turned away? Would Christianity not appeal more if believers exhibited more of the joy and levity which are also blessings from God? Chambers also hints at how God draws near to us amidst a profundity humans cannot fully comprehend. Were I to flippantly share the intimate moments I sometimes experience in His presence, would this not somehow lessen the special-ness of those moments? God alone can take our deepest parts, understand them, and make sense of them in a way that we ourselves can comprehend and, in so doing, reveal more of Himself to us and within us.

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