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sitting in Brooklyn on my first Sunday morning back, admiring the sun playing on the trees across the street that stubbornly hold onto too-green-for-October leafs, i'm enjoying being awake before the throngs. true, that's a little grander than the reality since Park Slope sleeps in on Sunday mornings, but i still enjoy the stillness of an autumnal Sunday morning.
i bade Delhi farewell as the fireworks of the Commonwealth Games' Closing Ceremonies blasted. it seemed a fitting end to three years of Commonwealth Games build-up, both in media and infrastructure. my eyes remained dry; I had already mourned departing my Himachal. and my final days in Delhi were largely check list driven:

1. sell car - check!
2. close bank account - must wait until I drain account
3. turn off mobile phone - facility currently unavailable
4. visit People Tree - t-shirt purchased
5. visit Safdarjung's Tomb - another time
6. turn in goods at former office - done!

i completed the "must be in India to do it" items and couldn't be bothered by the rest. i said goodbye and got to leave with my heart full of India and expecting great things in America. thank you, Lord!

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