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writing to get it all out

I find that I am a prolific blogger when I have no one with whom to share my daily goings on which means you, my reader, benefit. As my apocalypse blog may have indicated, Delhi is now shrouded by a heavy layer of dust. When I entered my bedroom, my feet left tracks in the dust on the floor. The dust-free zones on my bathroom shelf mark where my floss, lotion, and soap resided in my absence. Dust fell from my brittle plants as I watered them this morning (ought I pay the waterer if my plants now resemble Charlie Brown's Christmas tree?).
On the upside, 108 degrees doesn't feel so hot. Maybe it's the dust shielding us from the full effects of the sun. The outlook is for a cooler 103 degree weekend. Perhaps I brought a bit of the pleasant New England late spring weather with me to Delhi. AND my office got a second A/C unit in my absence which means my office is workable.
On the trip to Delhi, I armed myself with some girlie mags like Marie Claire and Glamour. While these magazine are not my type, my influential Indian friend is planning a new female lifestyle magazine and asked for some samples from the US. She originally requested Avenues, a mag delivered to upscale hotels. When the Waldorf Astoria (and the W) couldn't help, I gave up and turned to Seventeen. I figured, since I bought the magazines, I may as well read some of them. Reading them shocked me as I realized how out of touch with the "real" world I am. No way would I spend $400 on a new skirt. And I really don't care what bikini is most flattering to my figure. Perhaps the most redeeming article featured Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of Acumen. I live in a world where Jacqueline's name is widely recognized yet the magazine didn't even site her name in its table of contents, opting to bill her as an entrepreneur that might inspire young women. You know what? I think I'd rather live in my world than the "real" world!


april said…
Sarah, I'm out of touch with the "real" world and I live in the US. I would like to have a small wardrobe of clothes that will last and that were made by people earning a fair wage. Until then, I'm wearing Target clearance clothes.

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