Thanks for joining me here.
Read some thoughts on issues affecting daily life and life around our world. Read and join in the conversation. What moves you? How do you respond to the issues we face today?

some things i like

  • Daniel Lanois' album, Shine, with lyrics such as "hard to have and then have not"
  • India's Search for the Unknown Christ which is also a useful survey of India's main religions
  • gratitude
I was inspired this morning to begin a thankfulness journal. One way of getting into a positive frame of mind is to dwell on the positive such as
  • rainbows from my prism which I haven't seen in a year b/c the sun only hits the prism for minutes each day
  • the neighbor's guard's smile
  • our mali delighting in helping me back the car out of the driveway this morning
Maybe, just maybe, things are beginning to look up.

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