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My Name is Khan

It's been awhile since I watched a movie worth recommending and this one comes highly recommended. My Name is Khan is a complete diversion from the typecast of the artist known in India as SRK (aka Shahrukh Khan). Kajol (lead actress) comes through with a brilliant performance as usual. Besides the stellar acting, however, are multiple themes interwoven to prick consciences around the world: autism, racial discrimination, sibling rivalry, cross-cultural living, politics, religious fanaticism. I will admit that I cried my way through most of the film (which is a rarity for me) which also seems highly correlated to whether I would recommend a film. When something touches our very souls in such a way, we feel compelled to share it with others. I won't spoil the plot at all (you can visit the imdb link if you want more info) but simply encourage you to find and watch this.
As a fun aside, the DVD was released only last week and I received a copy from one of the film's producers whom I met on a layover in Paris!

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