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my aversion to some Indian men

Case 1: While at the gym, I received the following text: "Miss you this morning while at the gym and breakfast." As a bit of background, this came from the producer who gave me the DVD of My Name is Khan that I mentioned in an earlier post. Last I checked, a 20 minute professional conversation in an airport does not create a relationship wherein the other is "missed." Perhaps I'm the one missing something here. I try to not "blame a guy for trying" but in this case, I kind of do.
Case 2: While leaving the gym, the trainer approached me and told me he can put me on an exercise plan. And I quote, "Your cardio is good. I will give you exercises to tone and there will be weight loss, also. I will teach you how to use all the machines and will give you a diet plan." I raised my eyebrows at the lady behind the counter and wondered, "He thinks I need to lose weight? Why does he think I'd be interested in his training, anyway?" I nicely told him I usually don't come at the time he is there and then left, frustrated by the patronizing, presumptuous ways of some Indian men.

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