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Back to the Apocalypse

I'm back in Delhi and sleepless from jet lag so I went running under an apocalyptic sky. I looked up at 6:30AM and saw a very faint white circle in the sky. Hmm, must be the sun. Dust doesn't begin to explain the thickness in the air. I'm chalking up my burning eyes and burning lungs to the particles thickening the air, reducing the amount of oxygen that reaches my needy lungs. Should I run in a gas mask?
On a whole, however, this return is going well. God knew that it would be hard to return this time for personal reasons so He's smiling on me in little ways. For example, the neighbor's guard opened my gate for me when I returned from my run. And I went to the local produce market this morning outside the park after my run. I bought mangoes, apples, grapes, bananas, tomatoes, onions, lemons, a cucumber, oatmeal, OJ, eggs, and milk for $7.60. Gotta love India!
In another funny incident, the cab dropped me off last night and there was a huge hole in the sidewalk next to where I parked my car. The car was nowhere in sight. I started wondering if the car had fallen into the hole or if someone towed it or ...
Then I went in through the gate and the car was parked behind my landlady's car in the driveway. She called me this morning to "confess" that she had to get the car keys from my room in order to move the car since the Municipal Corp of Delhi is re-doing the sidewalk in their constant quest to improve the city before October's Commonwealth Games. She noted that the keys did not start the car and that I would have to call someone to come repair the car. They had to push the car into the driveway. I thanked her profusely & explained that I had unplugged the battery before leaving.

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