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106 feels like

wait, i just had a thought. what if i try to convince myself that this heat is necessary to produce mangoes? i really like mangoes; i'm eating one right now. i just have to make the mental leap to believe that, without, very high temperatures, i could not enjoy mangoes. Well, I just researched, and found that mangoes grow best between 23.9oC and 26.7oC (75 - 80 degrees F). Alas, my research didn't convince me.
I can be thankful that I get to sit in an air conditioned office rather than hauling loads of rocks in a basket on my head in order to build the VIP roads in preparation for Delhi's Commonwealth Games in October. How do I feel about living on one of those VIP roads? And how do I feel, knowing that I have a nearly continuous power supply because I live on said road? And how about those who live outside the city with a couple hours of power a day because their supply is being sent to Delhi to provide power to build for the Games? Hmm, what a life of paradox.

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