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i've just finished five days of fasting and feel like it probably was not enough. my body was still emitting toxic waste this morning before i eased my way back into the world of foodies with grapefruit juice. as i considered how to break my fast, i came across Nathaniel Bronner's website which proved useful -- wish i'd seen this before i commenced my fast though i'm unsure it would have kept me from indulging in golden spoon fro-yo right before i began.
all in all, i'd encourage people to try fasting -- it improves health, cleans our bodies, and provides rest from the toxins we ingest daily. yes, i remained hungry up to night 5 but i've done this before and at least i know, this time, that it's really worth it because i'll feel so much better afterwards. this time, i'm hoping to retain a more healthful approach to food and exercise which is difficult in india. i wish i could grab a salad from TJ's on the corner of safdarjung enclave's B5 market. or how about lentil soup from the dhaba across the street from me? india hasn't caught onto the health food craze, yet . . . that is only compounded by 110 degree F heat which makes outdoor exercise excruciating at best and untenable at worst. so hopefully, when i return to india next month, i'll be prepared for the more healthful lifestyle i prefer.

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