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a tribute

Today, Mom went to the burial of her sister's mother-in-law, Kay. Mom was dressed all in black except for a green and pink scarf, tied on in memory of Kay. Kay was never without her signature color: pink. The attached photo came from her Guest Book. What fond memories I have of Kay and her husband, Herb, who often joined us for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter and hosted Fourth of July parties. Kay would come in with candy canes for all the kids, warmly greeting everyone whom she met.
One Christmas, Herb, knowing I was fascinated by card tricks, laid out 9 playing cards, 3x3. He asked me to point out a card while he was not looking, telling me that he would guess which I had chosen. Though he seemed to mentally strain himself to guess, he never missed. After ten minutes of awe and wonder, he let me in on his trick. Kay was sitting across the room with a newspaper in hand, holding the paper at the point that corresponded to the card I had chosen!
In my "research," I learned that Kay was born in Brooklyn. My boyfriend is moving there this weekend. Perhaps I'll search out the early habitation of Kay! I also came across some "research" that was not decidedly NOT the Kay Kohn in question, unless she moonlighted as an applied physicist.
This wonderful woman will be dearly missed. I look forward to hearing many more reminiscences at her memorial service tomorrow.

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