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home, sweet home

i'm back in the CT for awhile & i'll dwell on a couple points to put our American lives in perspective:
  1. when i needed to send my computer in for repairs, i dropped it at the local postal store & within 5 minutes it was done. Note: It cost $20 to pack the computer and took two weeks to repair!!!
  2. i was craving a skinny cinnamon dolce latte & was able to get it (for $3.25).
  3. when i checked into a hotel, they didn't require my passport.
  4. a man approached me at the public library in NYC to borrow my phone. he gave off weird vibes and i declined his request. i was actually intimidated b/c this guy was twice my size. in India, guys are half my size and, therefore, not intimidating.
on a deeper note, i watched blood diamond for the first time this week. sadly, all our comforts serve as insulation against the big, bad world that actually exists. it's easy to be lulled into complacency when i stare out at deep blue skies and a big lawn from the comfort of my bedroom (which happens to be bigger than my entire Delhi apt). there's no easy answer -- shipping Americans to an emerging nation for a week doesn't "fix" anything. the only hope for a world in decay is Jesus Who brings restoration.

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