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back to liking it

So after an evening of moonlit climbing and good food and good friend and good wine (with an unpleasant window breaking incident to remind us we're living in this crazy country), i've returned to liking india and even hyderabad. and as if yesterday wasn't enough, a good time was had by all this afternoon at snow world, an indoor chilled oasis that celebrates the white stuff. we inaugurated a new "run" on the sledding "hill" and got pulled into the bhangra dance circle and got pelted repeatedly by snowballs and let snow fall on us from the snow blowers and tried making tracks while riding the sled carnival ride. oh, & the best part was the gear everyone wore -- sweet red polyester mittens & jackets, army green socks that bunched in the wrong places, and red rubber boots. oh, we can't wait to enjoy the REAL white stuff!

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Anonymous said...

haha that is amazing...can't wait to go skiing with you here in the states my beautiful friend!