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what to do

One of my fav phrases in Nepali is "ke garne," translating to "what to do?" I find myself asking this exact question because I've flooded my stove. Yep, it all started when I decided to be smart and boil a bowl (mistake #1) of water on the three-range stove. When the water began boiling, the bowl tipped and began flooding the gas nozzle (technical term might be incorrect). I reached for a towel (smart move #1) to return the hot bowl to its upright position and turned off the gas. I then quickly began sopping up the spilled water. Unfortunately, the water made its way into the gas chamber (this is where my "best guess" enters the picture) before my quick sopping moves took effect. So now I've resorted to microwaveable foods like oatmeal, microwave dinner, and nighttime milk with honey. Seriously, I'm being driven to extreme measures over here. If you have ANY idea how to return my stove to its former working condition, I'd be happy to hear about it.

And on a completely different note (literally), I was stunned to hear an auto rickshaw playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" as it reversed in my driveway this afternoon.

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april said...

oh no! can you find a manufacturer's name on the stove? maybe you can google it and find out how to fix it. how is your electricity? you can cook a lot of things in a crock pot.