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Pictured above are my new roomies - Theresa (aka Big Man) & Jack (aka JMC). This was the first weekend in Hyderabad, full of alternate versions of ping pong, dancing, and climbing. Oh, yeah, and the business download from Nathan, my biz partner who was heading back to the US as I was returning to India.
As the Indians say, I shifted from Delhi to Hyderabad. I'm actually in the process of doing this as I type, having re-sorted the mountains of stuff I kept in Delhi and planning my return flight down to Hyderabad (aka Hbad or HYD). Tonight I get to hang out with the Delhi Dems Abroad crew again. I've been making use of Carolyn's flat as my Delhi office space and crashing with my friend, PC. I've had many wonderful reunions as friends have come to town from the mountains, the South, and just across the neighborhood. Harsh, who lives in Chennai, told me he was having a gift delivered to me in Delhi that was about the shape of a baseball bat. I screamed when Harsh showed up at the door and laughed to think that he likened himself to a baseball bat.
Work is going. It's a challenge to connect with the right folks and to understand the pharmaceutical market but I love challenges!

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