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i told a friend today that's my motto of the week -- simplify -- if it doesn't have to happen this week, don't hope for it to happen. i've got my list going, organized by location of activity and tagged by day of activity. in case you didn't hear, i'm shipping out sat early am for nyc. while such transitions send me into manic mode, "simplify" is an attempt to enjoy every last moment.
on my auto ride this morning, my mind raced through the items already residing on my list then i realized that i've already recorded them so why not enjoy the sites and sounds around me, instead? i vacillate between exhaustion and extremely high energy. unfortunately, the high energy levels tend to kick in at 1am. perhaps that's the result of my body subconsciously preparing me to shift times zones.
i haven't listed anything out for you recently, so here's a top (fill in the blank) list:
  • i've been to bangalore, delhi, & hyderabad all in the past week and loved each of them
  • i'm ditching the "buy presents" plan, (remember: simplify). i hope my presence is presents enough.
  • i was involved in a high speed race to the airport monday which involved my friend jumping out of the vehicle and urging a bus to make way for us. it did.
  • i'm listening to a david crowder band cd right now and determined to finally make it back to church tonight after a lengthy, travel-induced hiatus. oh, i just realized the cd has been looping for 10 min, waiting for me to select play.
  • i'm planning to return at the end of summer so i get to pack up & store lots of stuff with a friend
  • i'm in exhaustion mode now, so i think i'll stop

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