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Natural Metaphors

With a relaxed mind I witnessed the beauty around me, nature speaking to me, God meeting me through His creation. Some revelations occur only once my mind stops its overactive compulsion to analyze, criticize, question, and make sense of everything around me. Sometimes I need to sense rather than intuit.

My crew of reluctant campers sat silent during their first solo experience, a 30 minute moment repeated daily. I noticed lights come to life, suspended mid-air. One blink, then another, then three blinking simultaneously. Fireflies synchronized – could I attune to others as effortlessly as these?

I took care walking through the coffee plantation for cows were wont to leave their paddies in the middle of paths. I ventured across one such paddy during the first week of camp and rediscovered it during the second week, turned completely into fertilized dirt! Amazing what happens when nature takes its course.

My friends make fun of me when I climb because I approach the rock with such stern consternation and focus, as though preparing to meet my end right there. Lo and behold, when I listen to the rock and allow myself to smile as I climb, the rock sings back in appreciation. It really IS about the journey if I let it be.

Heat lightening shattered the sky on one night out. The moon hid behind the clouds, causing the effect of light to be dramatic and immediate. A light display put on by a masterful Artist intent upon showing how deeply He loves His own . . .

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