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to the mountains i go

i'm in one of those "no need to use caps, happy to abbrev, might as well type in हिन्दी" moods. i've always wondered how my name in Hindi should be spelled so thanks to blogspot's new Hindi application here you go: सराह। though i think this is a more phonetic representation: सेरा।
i've been working in delhi for one month and need a break so i'm heading to the mountains tomorrow night for a week of training with youreka, an educational organization whose offerings include outdoor summer camps for students. i hope to spend a couple weeks with them this summer. for the next week, i'll play games and learn about youreka's educational philosophy and approach.
now, let me share about today's activities. i love the ngo with which i'm working, i love my flexible work arrangement that allows me to work from home on my own schedule, i love my neighborhood, & i love my flat. where else would i get to watch a daily parade from my doorway? my sis was concerned i would be isolated working remotely. little did she know that the maid who lives downstairs, Sapna, would make regular appearances at my door, sometimes accompanied by the gardener. today, the generator repairman returned and commenced sawing or sanding something or other. i was placed on the energy efficiency watchlist for leaving my hot water heater (aka geyser) on for too long AND for leaving my patio light on at night. yes, i accept responsibility for the geyser. i should have taken a shower long before Sapna asked me to turn the heater off. the light, however, is NOT my fault. my friend turned it on as she left to catch an early morning train so it was not on all night. i g-chatted about this experience with a friend, thinking how amusing it would be to align my version of these various conversations with Sapna's version. i fear i've agreed to things in Hindi that i wouldn't knowingly agree to. hand signals work wonders but there's still only so much that can be communicated in this way. pictured here is the infamous patio, the site of laundry washing, gardening, generator sawing, Hindi/English intrigues, and sun soaking when my bedroom turns into an ice box.

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april said...

hot water is amazing!