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so much to say

First off, let me take the liberty of disclosing too much information by telling you that, ONCE AGAIN, I'm sick with diarrhea. I'm truly sick of, well, being sick over here -- the sulphur burps, frequent trips to the toilet, feeling my stomach gurgling. Do I REALLY need to use filtered water to wash my toothbrush? My WFR-certified, saver-of-lives, Indian Nepali friend was in town this week and even he encouraged me to take precautions so maybe I'll rethink my water standards.
On another note, the siblings made an impromptu trip to India and we had a blast, as you can see. Tim fell through a sewage grate, Lisa was sleepy at 10AM and wide awake at 2AM, and I tried to keep to my itinerary (like that was gonna happen!), but those all became sources of much amusement after the fact. Monk's role as my right-hand monkey was eclipsed by Lisa, who's covering him up in the photo. Not that Monk's been forgotten, but it's much more gratifying to talk to people that reply.
I updated my pictures with shots dating back to November, including trips to Delhi, Dehra Dun, Kullu, Shimla, Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra, back to Delhi, and back to Palampur. I'll post some photos soon of life in Delhi because it's official -- I'm living in Delhi for the next few months as I begin work with my new NGO, Muse. I suppose all this excitement is what makes minor inconveniences like diarrhea bearable. Plus, I have a very reliable internet connection since I will be working from home which lends me a certain amount of comfort.


april said...

I'm glad your sibs got to visit. That's a great way to start the next phase of your stay. Please boil the water - I can't bear to think about anyone else having digestive problems. :0

Anonymous said...

i love all of your new pictures! i saw the ones that tim took and they are so awesome as well...and by the way, that new addition to your face is pretty sweet, although you were beautiful anyway :) miss and love you lady!