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Global Warming - a fable from the Himalayas

I've just added a new link to My Fav Places which is a youtube posting of a video supported by my NGO. It tells the tale of a village boy sent on a quest to solve the mystery of the ecological changes taking place across the Himalayas. This is where I am headed in the spring. Pretty amazing place! My NGO, Muse, focuses on conservation of the environment and culture in this mountain paradise and I get to be a part of it.

ALSO, if you consider yourself a potential consumer of my NGO's products which currently include food products and community-based ecotourism in the Spiti Valley of the Indian Himalayas, please take 10 seconds and complete a survey. I am supporting my Indian NGO through the branding process. As part of that, we are determining what brand names appeal to a broad (Indian and international) audience of likely consumers. You can also suggest names in the comment box. I will be collecting results over the next week or so.

Thanks so much for your help!

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Jos said...

Hey Shine!
do we know each other? :-)

I found your blog when I was looking for the video: Global Warming, A Fable from the Himalayas. :-)

Have you seen my blog? Nothing original. It's more like an online archive for me (and whoever is interested in the same topics).

How are the ETC water heaters doing?

Keep up the good work!

Aurore, Auroville