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high places

Just back from a trip to Anjanisain, a little hamlet high in the mountains (6,000 feet), where two of my friends are working. Picture a full moon hike to see sunrise over the snow-capped Himalaya. Or how about a nearly-full-moon run followed by a dawn hike? Yep, I was in my element and so thankful to feel free to be me with my friends.

Shameless Propaganda in the Indian Himalayas
as seen posted on roadside signage
“License to drive, not to fly”
“If you are married, divorce speed”
“Mountains are a pleasure if you drive with leisure”
“Speed thrills but often kills”
“Caution and care make accidents rare”
“Start early, drive slowly, arrive on time”
“Clean toilet, 100m”
“Overtake with caution and care”
“Better late than never”
“On the bend, go slow friend”
“In case slide road block, please call at :”)(!@#$%^”
Life is a journey. Complete it.”
“Slide area ahead. Drive cautiously.”
“Be slow on curve”
“No race. No rally. Enjoy the beauty of the valley.”
“Help the accident victim”
“Hurry makes worry”
“Safety saves”
“Twenty-one. Tough one” (I don’t understand that one)
“Do not overspeed”
“Mind your speed”

And a phrase on a Gold Bond-like product that made me laugh: “dhobi itch”


Sarah said…
"Overtake with caution and care" is my favorite. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving . . . sorry I'm getting to wishing you a happy one so late (that darn job)!

Hugs and kisses from your chilly friends in New Jersey.
Anonymous said…
Those are pretty great!!! Not to be offensive, but I'm guessing an Americanized individual must have come up with those slow-downers - they even have a jingle ot them!

On 21: maybe the speed was ~21 kph, and clearly a tough guy goes the speed limit. ?
21 means the army battalion who makes this road connecting the border with China, It's 21st batallion of Border road organisation, maintaining National highway-56.

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