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rivers of living water

OK, it’s just about bedtime since I went to sleep late last night but let me fill you in on the latest. I went to a friend’s home for dinner last night around 6:30 PM after we finished our ballet lessons. We stopped by a roadside market to pick up veggies for dinner. We started making dinner around 7 PM and were finally eating around 9 PM. My friend was feeling a bit out of it last night. She SO wanted to have a festive evening, but she ended up conking out while playing Uno. Seriously, she was in her PJs and in bed before I was out the door!

The latest “this is India” moment came a couple days ago during a morning run. I was attacked by a monkey! Granted, the thing was maybe 1/4 - 1/3 of my size but it was FEROCIOUS! It was the biggest of all the monkeys on the street and I saw it come barreling across a stone wall and leap off in my direction. I turned to see it nipping at my heels. I let out a deep yell, ran, turned around and yelled again, and then kept running. Now I know why the old men carry sticks. Maybe I should have gotten that rabies vaccination . . .


Anonymous said...

i can not believe you got attacked by a have been full of wild animal stories lately...between the bear and the monkey, i think you are set for life! at least it wasn't the bear that attacked you sarrrr

Anonymous said...

oh dear! that is scary, please make it out alive, because if you do, you will have the most hilarious stories to tell for the rest of your life! =) Great fun!