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Head's up - this is from a couple weeks ago. I just never got to "publish" it. But I figured you'd appreciate the sentiments, all the same. As an update, I'm back in the mountains, lazing about since my mentor's not back from Delhi and I'm at a loss for things to do. I might explore local sites tomorrow. Might as well see this beautiful place, right?
Oh, as an update, you'll be glad to know I emerged victorious against three, count them - THREE, big monkeys (with plenty of little ones milling about). I had my stick, I began walking rather than running, and I audibly quoted scripture at the three growling monkeys circling me. I was NOT going to fear those vile creatures and it paid off.

Aight, on my rather long bus ride back to Palampur from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, I sketched out a few random thoughts. Shimla was beautiful, btw, with a central promenade that people stroll in the evening. The architecture reflects the British influence and appeared to be some combination of a Bavarian village and English hamlet. Check out my pic’s to see the real deal.
-Is high-pitched, Indian music a) the right of bus passengers, b) meant to cover the noise of squeaking brakes, or c) merely a product of the young dirver’s and conductor’s musical tastes?
-picture this: looking down from the precariously high, narrow, winding roads to see brilliantly yellow corn cobs drying on flat rooftops in the sun.
-eagerly awaiting reuniting w/ fam in 8-1/2 months!
-sweet fellowship time w/ a group from CO and being able to say, “it is well with my soul”
-learning the value of inches and the expertise of these crazy bus drivers that navigate with only inches to spare
-seeing kind faces of Nepalis
-having freedom to wander the streets of Shimla at night in safety
-“God shave me” on the front bumpers of mountain vehicles


Anonymous said…
i miss you my dear sarah and i have been talking to Dad for you frequently...i can't wait to see you again, and it has been fun hearing about all of your adventures. it seems like you will grow from this experience, and even though it is tough sometimes, i know you are capable - you are a strong, beautiful woman inside and you lady!
Anonymous said…
Hi Sarah

Keep fighting those mean monkeys.....someone has got to teach them a lesson or two! :)

Just kidding Sarah. I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures in India. Really an eye opening experience. I thought those quotes from Gandhi (in the picture) were great...I had never read them before. See, you are educating me here without even knowing it.

I hope you are doing well Sarah, and enjoying yourself. We miss you. I signed up on facebook, but I don't really visit that site too much, so your best bet in contacting me is through e-mail.

Live life to the max. These times will never come back.....and one final suggestion...Instead of carrying sticks to keep monkeys away, try carrying some bananas with you instead. Maybe if you were to throw those to them, they would leave you alone......



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