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one for another

Hmm, Sarah's added a picture - why, yes, she has. Fancy that! Yes, my friends, I have re-entered the world of the cyber-savvy in a cafe with free wi-fi (just not between 1-4pm, & I'm not sure why). And guess who's in the above shot. Yep, that's my dear friend, Capt. Plush whom I happened upon in a shop in Delhi. How strange to find this SoCal native halfway around the world. Yes, we were both amazed and simply stared at one another, marveling throughout dinner. I ALSO was blessed to meet Renee, who participated in Jefe's Himalayan Escapade this year. Capt. Plush & I bonded in the Indian Himalayas last year and he returned for another excellent adventure.
Also captured in this shot is my trusty sidekick, Monk. You might see him from time to time as he makes cameo appearances throughout the year. And I'm sure he will be one of the world's most widely traveled monkeys cum finger puppets by the end of this year.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the new photos! And Hooray for bumping into old friends, too!

april said...

only you would run into someone you know from the US while in another country. stop making me laugh.

ps how are you going to avoid all the spicy food?

Unknown said...

I heard about this at work! :)
Thinking of you... ;)

Mo said...

How crazy is that to find a familiar face 1/2 way around the world! Father sure is grand.