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Hmm, I'm about to embark on my adventure to Himachal Pradesh, to the mountains, to a semi-familiar place, to a place where beauty surrounds me, captivates me, and motivates me to live wholeheartedly. My next blogs will be about that, but for now let me tell you about a study in contrasts.
We took a trip to Rajasthan to see a rural microfinancing group of women pictured here. They were blessed to be visited and to have their stories heard. They fine their husbands if they attend the meetings!
On the other side, we had a private audience with the Ambassador yesterday. I was decked out in a business pantsuit, sitting around a solid wood table on a top floor overlooking an enormous water fountain. Hmm, this country needs agricultural reform, the Ambassador says, and making way for more big business. I seem to remember some words about the least of these, but I have been guarding against a critical spirit that so easily entangles.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sar! I miss you and it sounds like you have been busy. I just want to let you know that I have been thinking about you and talking to Dad about you. By the way, I got a JOB :) Maybe I will be fortunate to be with your fam if you call so I can say hi! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.