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press on

One final blog before I'm off to India tomorrow. Once upon a time 10 months seemed like such a very long time. In view of the past 10 months, it seems like quite a short time, actually. I know, I know - it might seem long when I'm on-site but I am looking forward to being there. My room is finally clean (though I have yet to pack), dear ones have volunteered to ensure my car is sold (thank you SO much!), and I have seen &/or called everyone time has allowed me to. All in all, I am ready. I look forward to some quiet moments in a couple weeks when I will respond to the encouraging e-mails sent my way. They have buoyed my spirits and reminded me to remain focused on the path that lies ahead. So I press on with the goal in mind. I'll be in orientation for almost two weeks in Delhi before traveling to my post, so look forward to my next blog from Southeast Asia.
There are no photos this time around, but let me leave you with a few mental images:
-Falsetto karaoke singing late into the night dressed in Hawaiian clash style at my going away luau.
-While prepping dinner in the Adirondacks on my recent backpacking trip, I noticed a rustling in the woods. I asked, "are, are you human?" No response . . . "Are you human?" Still no response . . . "Umm, Tim, umm . . ." Thankfully my first wild bear encounter was entirely peaceful.
-Choosing the perfect finger puppet companion to accompany me to India. I settled on Monk, the Monkey.


Anonymous said...

Safe journeys ... and may your roads be as Edward said for them to be :-)

Anonymous said...

Farewell my dear friend. You have touched the lives of many and will touch the lives of many more.

This is your opportunity to unleash some SHINE on the world. Enjoy the journey.

Thanks again for your influence on my life. I will never forget it. The wine, the SMILE and The Book will be put to good use.

God Bless You.

Love, Charles