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dwell together in unity

Yep, it's that time again. Time for Sarah to see how quickly her fingers can type to update all y'all on my latest wanderings. I've just spent a few hours in the pleasant company of the friendly folk at the Southbury Public Library, my local haunt for free wi-fi. Let me tell you, we have the friendliest Reference Librarian. Plus I got to meet a man from Bangalore. He encouraged me to live like an Indian while there. He attested to how well his "when in Rome" philosophy worked when he came to America in 1946. By all outward accounts, he seemed happy & healthy.
Tonight we have the Grande Sarah Send-off, complete with costuming. HOWEVER, I will have to post pictures because I have not been able to view the top-secret invite so I'm unsure what the theme is. Jess assured me I will be furnished with a costume upon my arrival at the Yacht Center. Doesn't that make me sound like a Yankee Snob? Really, the Yacht Center in all its dilapidated glory has been a blessing this summer and we've enjoyed many a lovely evening overlooking Lake Quassapaug.
Another fun part of the summer has been all the sibling time. Tim's my climbing buddy & Lisa's my daily breakfast date. And that was the inspiration for today's title from Ps. 133:1. The picture is from slip 'n' slide on the front lawn (Lisa's brilliant idea!).
Now that I'm back in stride on the good ol' blog, you can expect more regular updates. 'til next time . . .

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Christy Zuehl said...

Hi Sarah!

It is so exciting that you leave next week. You are going to be amazing there and experience so many unbelievable adventures. Sounds like the summer has been a lot of fun. Even if you have become a Yacht Club snob. Glad to see you posting again. Have been waiting for the update. Best of luck and know we're back here wishing you well and sending happy thoughts.