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youth renewed

I took a trip down Memory Lane (by Lane, in fact) this morning & felt God renewing my youth (Psalm 103:5). FYI, the pic above was taken on the Great Lawn at Coolidge Reserve in Magnolia this afternoon. For those familiar with Gordon, this will surely jog memories of your own . . .
-Remember when we sneaked a peek into the new recital hall in Phillips, Cat?
-Alas, Wood is no more
-But the Berry Girls & IHOS live on in infamy
-SO tempted to ring the bell and bring all sorts of bad luck on my head
-Hanging out on the roof of Frost - don't fall down the fire escape ladder
-The great stuffed pineapple conspiracy undercover of night outside Frost
-So much tomfoolery during High Adventure Camp - tipping canoes, singing our team song
-Davino emerges from Gull with a leach in tow during Ecology & Evolution
-Cat's x-country, -hill, & -dale ski adventure around Gull Pond. Drat, we fell over a fallen log again!
-Tang's firelight confessions of anti-American scandal & grapefruit shampoo. I think I found our camping site, but it's overun with bike paths now without a trace of a campfire.
-Ahh, the days of leaving old recliners on the quad festooned with balloons. It truly was a public display of art.

And then there are all the others memories sparked by walking about this weekend . . .
-I tromped through the mud today and thought that if I'd only had such a messy experience sophomore year I might not have "lost it" when ketchup appeared on my pants. I also might have responded with greater understanding to the great Duran Duran shut-in (Fowler).
-What wonderful Sunday evenings spent eating dinner in our room to the sounds of A Prairie Home Companion, or basking like cats in the sun in Ferrin, or illegally lighting candles, removing screens to throw snowballs, or playing Secret Agent, dark sunglasses & all.
-Remember Thrilla in Tavilla? I'm typing this from Tavilla right now.
-How about countless hours of Dance Min? Eden's Dad was here for the conference this weekend.
-Was anyone there the night we ended up on the Great Lawn where today's picture was taken? I realized once we got there today that I had been there in the dead of the night once when I was convinced they were building another Monticello. Turns out it was only the remains of the foundation of an original building that still lies there today.
-How about the Magnolia Cliffs?
-I remember a night Pete Cherry, Nate, & I (& maybe Snead) were star gazing & determined we saw a military high altitude aircraft. We were near the testing facility, after all. Cat, we never returned to investigate that! It was easier to convince myself of seeing UFOs then.
-Ahh, Hagopian and his bleeding-hearted liberal accusations - and to think he just got married!
-How about rearranging the banister across Erik's door?
-Steve in his trench coat & hat.
-The midnight food fight that all started with Davino's ill-fated slingshot & a grape.

I'm realizing I could go on and on. Fowler & Cat, you're probably the only two that will appreciate this so hopefully this will spark some fond memories - I miss you both!


Anonymous said…
Yes; Wood being gone is very sad - I grabbed a few pieces of the brick last summer while they were tearing the building down. I would have chained myself to the building if I had known they were tearing it down so soon. A few more memories to add from those days:
-Missy Bridges (aka Snead) writing on Steve Brown's dry erase board that the medical results were in and that she was not bearing his child
-JTT 'mounting' Hago in Christen's apartment
-Tang walking into Lane with pieces of cardboard taped to his feet because they would not let him in barefoot
-Dan Fowler, besides the great "Duran Duran shut-in's" (as you call them), Annulling his friendships by slipping letters underneath their doors while they were out (he should be more embarrassed by that than he is!)
SHiNE said…
Ahh, yes. Manfromafar has remembered some of the great stories of old I overlooked. And I'm glad to see Fowler has overcome any unecessary embarassment related to those days for I surely have & I'm well aware that I had PLENTY to be embarassed by. I still remember Tang sitting on the stage in OT because someone stole his laptop necessitated, outlet-accessible, front row seat in Marv's class. I wonder where that boy is today . . .

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