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Yellowstone National Park Videos

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Good Morning
This was taken my first morning in Yellowstone, camping at Shoshone Lake campsite 8S2. Night sounds and a deflating Therm-A-Rest kept me from sleeping most nights, so I generally fell asleep around dawn. I left all time-keeping devices in the car but figured out that my camera kept time within 20 minutes, give or take. That's how I determined that I was waking around 10:30AM.
Shoshone Lake @ Dawn
This was taken my second morning at Shoshone Lake. The mist was still swirling across the waters. While the mosquitoes drove me to my tent around 7:30PM, this morning I was determined to be an early riser. Of course, I then went to sleep again until 10:30AM. Although I camped near a wide open field, I surprisingly did not witness any large wildlife. Although seeing a bear away from the flash of camera-happy tourists would have been a treat, I gladly went without that experience.
Yellowstone Geyser
Sorry for the sideways view. You can hear the voice of the Ranger in the background on this guided tour of the geysers near Old Faithful. Sulphurous scents prevailed.
Old Faithful Inn Pianist
This is rather a dark (9:30PM) view of the grande lobby of the Inn, taken from the third floor balcony. The video opens with the Pianist and scrolls down to the lobby and up to the second and third floor balconies. It was from this perch that I wrote all my Yellowstone postcards.
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
As I narrated in this video, I left the beaten path for a view less frequently seen. The Grand Canyon was awesome to behold and I couldn't help feeling rather satisfied as I gazed across the abyss at the tourist vista crowded with RV's and camera-laden folks.

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