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wine that gladdens the heart

Today was truly a wonderful day spent with Aunt Pam & Cuz (aka Shannon). I slept until 11AM since I've formed perhaps an unhealthy habit of staying up late into the night due to this blog, pictures, and a general unwillingness to go to bed. Aunt Pam & Cuz came shortly thereafter and we headed to Race Point for some biking (see My Pictures). While at the beach, Aunt Pam retold the story of my grandparents' neighbor who may need a toe amputated. The greatest inconvenience resulting from this possibility is the lost ability to wear flip flops. The neighbor conjectured that he would be forced to duct tape his flip flop to his foot.
Mom was determined that Shannon would experience the joys of kayaking so we left Race Point and headed back to "the compound." I'll make a minor note that Mom kayaked before Shannon or Pam - you can draw your own conclusions as to who REALLY wanted to experience the joys of kayaking. We flew the trainer kite for the second day in a row with some impressive twists and turns by the elder Hiney & daughter. Kayaking really WAS joyous with a GREAT set of waves as I paddled into shore.
Then it was time for sunset hors d'oeuvres & wine (Psalm 104:15) on the roof. In addition to Aunt Pamela's British imitations, Cuz & I had one of the greatest conversations I've had in a long time. Was it the sunset or the wine or the company? Perhaps some mystical combination of the three in the bewitching hour.


Anonymous said…

I love these pictures....the one that reminds me the most of you is the one titled "Roadtripping's got to be a bit fun. This was the Nickelback, rock-out, wake-up hour of my drive north through SD".......Just kidding......though I love that "look".

p.s. Good job on the blog. It had been a while since I last visited it. And congratulations on FINALLY finding out where you will be going to in India.
Anonymous said…

I have some LBM wine I will save for your return to CA. Though it may age a year or more, it will be well worth the wait. The Virg, The Mentor, Danny Boy and The Queen will drink to the WONDERFUL times we shared!

Anonymous said…
Oh Dear Sarah,

I've been away from your blog for so long, only assuming your blogging was as sporatic as it had begun. But I am delightfully wrong & you have posted so much since I last perused your site. It is delightful to "join" your adventure, albiet not in my favorite way (with you is better!) but a delightful audio/video/text adventure.

Till our next great (or small) adventure,
Becky Restoring-the-Joy Bell
april said…

It sounds like you are having a great trip. I love looking at your pictures. We are going to picnic and watch "Roman Holiday" in the Hollywood Forever Cometary tonight. I wish you were going to be there. :( I really feel for the guy who is getting his toe amputated. For a moment I wondered what I would do for footwear in such a situation. Then I remembered Nike and Adidas slides. I hope you have another great day!
Anonymous said…
hey cuz,

Just had a chance to thoroughly examine your blog... conclusion: very impressive! I especially like this blog :-)

I had a great time with you guys and hopefully I'll see you soon - -Hope your having a great time on your various adventures!

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