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suffer the little children

While at The Faces (aka Mt. Rushmore), I saw this friendly group of people coming down the stairs. Their T-shirts boldy proclaimed "Pro Life." As I moseyed around the tourist trap that is The Faces, sundry questions came to mind. In a place making any number of grand statements, their T-shirts left only one statement resounding in my mind. This group was surely pro-life and anti-abortion. As I entered the Sculptor's Studio at the monument, the group was sitting on the benches where you see them in the picture. They willingly posed for the picture and explained that they are part of a group walking across America. The began in Seattle, although no one in the group originates from Seattle. They represent states including Florida & Iowa. Groups from all corners of the country are walking in order to convene on Washington, DC August 11 for a Pro Life rally. So the questions came more quickly: 1. Would I be so bold as to state my convictions in this manner? 2. Would one of them wear that shirt individually or was their strength in the group? 3. What message does this send to staunch pro-abortionists/women's choicers? 4. How often does each "camp" recognize that they argue separate points? 5. Is there room for compassion in the face of a Pro Life rally?
I began discussing this with a friend on the long drive across PA & NY back to CT. He and I both value the sanctity of life. He surprised me when he shared his view that abortion ought to be legal. He reasoned that abortion will continue, whether legal or illegal. Legalizing abortion allows for more humane methods. Hmm, never considered THAT angle before. I will state here for the record that I am pro life. I also recognize that enormous pressures and societal constraints cause women to choose abortion over life. My friend and I pondered how a peaceful sit-in to support life would be received. What if there were no placards or jeering crowds? What if we sat in silent witness to life that was ended before it breathed on its own? What if a dialogue began between sides over reconciliation between the sanctity of a woman's body and the sanctity of a life newly created? Those are some thoughts that this picture initiated for me. I welcome some good discussion on the issue. Btw, the title's from Matthew 19:14 - kids inherit the kingdom.

Here are a few more fun things I came up with while on the road:
Cheapest Gas: $1.97 in ND
Best Sign: Cowboy Credit Union in Buffalo, WY
True Picture of the West: cowboys herding cattle on the side of the road
Most Memorable: cruising down Route 16 out of Bighorn National Forest to Neil Young
Preferred Drink on the Road: Green Machine by NAKED
Prettiest Sunset: headed East out of Bismark, ND (check out my pictures)
Indulgence of Choice: Trader Joe's chocolate-covered pretzels (thanks, Daniela)
Silliest Moment: pretending I was on a roller-coaster, arms in the air and screaming, as I rounded the ONE turn on Highway 85 between Amidon and Belfield, ND
Where I want to hang out someday: Cody, WY
Sign that I'm not @ LBM anymore: UW stands for U of WY, NOT Underwriter

I'm not sure when I'll be on-line next, so for all those tracking me, here's an itinerary:
Gordon College this weekend
Cape Cod next week
Winston-Salem the following weekend
Ballet Magnificat! July 5


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