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taking a far journey

Wow! How do I capture the essence of these days? It seems that each time I turn, a new blessing awaits. The people I encountered over the previous month since sharing my plans have humbled me by their gracious responses. I commented Wednesday how mahvelous 'twould be if we could but live like this daily - living out the gratitude we harbor internally each day. I only pray that we might each choose to act on our thankful impulses!
In an attempt to honor those lives that touched mine, I have turned over a new leaf by blogging. If only I could post my blogs upside-down (for anyone that's ever seen a group card I've signed), all would be as I'd wish. Still, I hope you'll read, respond, challenge my assumptions, and encourage me as you have already.
For those WaMulians in whose company I have been blessed to work for the previous 21 months, thank you for the outpouring affections and words of support. You will be among the first to read this since I committed to posting something before my imminent departure. Take a moment and update your development plans to reflect your new found interest in global development (always your consummate HR professional here) and then add this to your favorites and follow my journey. You'll probably learn new things about me that you never knew AND you'll get to see Yellowstone, New England, Winston-Salem, Mississippi, India, & beyond through my eyes.

And now for some stream of conscious thoughts:
-I am tired and ought to sleep soon - this has been a trying week filled with much encouragement and moments of light amidst the challenges
-Mom arrives @ LAX late tonight for a final LA escapade. We'll see if I can convince her to stop in Vegas on our way to SLC.
-I haven't truly begun to pack yet and I refuse to be stressed out by that.
-Reality's hitting me at a snail's pace. At dinner with a friend tonight I actually realized tomorrow's my official last day at work.
-3-1/2 years ago, 3-1/2 years seemed an eternity. Now that 3-1/2 years have passed as a blur, 3-1/2 years doesn't seem like such a long time anymore.

As a final note, I'll issue a few explanations. SarsiSue (in the weblog address) is my Mom's nickname for me. Rivers in high places (blog name) refers to Isaiah 41:18 and reminds me of promises yet to be fulfilled. Taking a far journey (post title) seemed an apt kick-off and derives from the idea of sojourning in distant lands. Listening to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World," I can't help but issue one more effusive thought of how overcome I am by the many people in my life. I will miss seeing each of your faces daily and am thankful that we get to remain in each others lives around this wonderful world 'til we meet again.
~s :)!


Anonymous said...

I love you! ;)

Sarah said...

All well-wishes, Shine. I'm already thinking about a visit to India . . . .

Terri H said...

Your fellow Wamulian wishes you a happy and safe journey. You have truly touched my life.

Paul said...

Looking forward to fun on the Cape. Kites, kayaking, wind surfing. How could I forget paddle ball. I am off to a youth tag sale with my new finger puppet named Monk. Have fun with Mom.
Love You Forever and For always,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping in touch. It is always great to hear from our UC Irvine Merage School of Business alumni!

Anonymous said...

my being exudes much ecxitement at the many ramblings that will flow through this blog! may you be blessed to express yourself - artisitic and free!
much love, dear sista!

Anonymous said...

Always look one week ahead; yet be sure to stay present in the moment and savor all emotions! Take a walk inside and many deep breaths!
Love ya -
Look for books on your doorstep soon!!!