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shine forth like the dawn

You guys (read: the many inquiring minds wanting to know more) are fun. I love reading your responses, answering your questions, & being chastised for not blogging enough. It's late in the so-called "booming" town of Gillette, WY but my court clamors for news from the royal highway so I simply must meet the demand. Oh, wait, I'm not the Queen. Well, I can at least share a bit of insight into the past week since I've last been on-line. I feel like a different person and blogging seems a humble mode of communicating. Perhaps I'll go deeper & require you to take your snorkels in a next go-around. For now, how about some superlative action? I won't issue a disclaimer, but if I DID it would go something like this: These opinions are solely those of the blogger and in no way express what she expects might be your own opinions. Additionally, it should be noted that superlatives lend themselves to judgment and exclusion of other likely candidates. Please suspend your judgment.
Best Natural View: Fox Creek Pass in Grand Teton National Park, ele. 9,650'
Chillest Rangers: Grand Teton National Park
Best Read: submerge by john b. hayes
Scariest Night Noise: howling wolves or coyotes near my tent in Yellowstone
Most Thought-Provoking Verses: Isaiah 58:6-8
Luckiest Addition to Backpack: Natrapel bug repellant
Best Manmade View: Old Faithful Inn Observation Deck of the geyser
Most Melodic: pianist at Old Faithful Inn
Jolliest Trail Mate: Bog Trotting Joe from Dublin
Newest Experience: required 30 min video on proper backcountry behavior in Yellowstone
Most Beautiful Rugged Terrain to Explore Next: Big Horn National Forest

And for your viewing pleasure, I'm slowly adding photos so take a look at the initial efforts.

P.S. I really AM tired for all those that I was talking/IM'ing w/ while bemoaning my lack of sleep. Still, I just couldn't help myself & I suppose you'll thank me for making the effort.


Anonymous said…
The Queen misses you and hopes you have safe travels. Give RW a hug for all us West Coast WaMulians.

Congratulations on your assignment in India. As I have said before, those will be some blessed folks.

Finally, to all you WaMulians ( especially those in Irvine)who do not know who the Queen is, you will soon find out and you will be happy when you do! :) For those that do know, lets keep it a secret and have some FUN with it.

Keep SHINE'N!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
It was great chatting with you on your way into Fargo...and I just have one comment after looking at your photos:

HAT!!!!!! ;)
Christy Zuehl said…
The photos are such a great addition...please add as you go's so cool to see where you are.

Your journey is inspiring...

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