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leap for joy

Greetings from the land of Knee Shorts modest clothing, virgin margaritas, & clean flicks. Yes, I really encountered all those at the Great Salt Lake. The drive rivaled the drive to Vegas for number of praises from Mom. In my humble opinion, the drive to SLC wins, hands down. Mountains rise from clover-covered valleys, climaxing in snowy peaks. Cows & horses graze in bucolic pastures. We had a 2+ hour conference call w/ the siblings filled w/ Lisa singing Mariah Carey & Tim claiming he really was listening to everything we said.

We arrived to the perfect hotel where we got to run, swim, AND bed jump. Thanks to Christine who introduced me to a bed jumping website (, I had to try it. Caution: bed jumping can result in sleeping with one end of your bed on the floor OR with your suitcase holding up the mattress. By the way, Mom has declared a new gift. In addition to Master Map Reader and Spatial Arranger, she hereafter can speak as Expert of Fixing Broken Beds. Our predicament resulted in me collapsing in hysterics and Mom grimacing. The title of today’s post comes from Luke 6:23, leaping for joy indeed!

Before departing the LBC Wednesday, I said a few final goodbyes, crammed more bags in my overstuffed car, and received a gift of pepper spray to ward off the Yellowstone bears. Mom and I DID high five as we said, “Vegas, baby!” We stayed on The Strip and caught Spamalot at Wynn Las Vegas. It felt great to laugh and be reminded to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” Awaking two days in a row to sunny skies made me smile, too.

Today, Mom’s off to NYC & I head North to Yellowstone. Look forward to some great pic’s & stories of how I did NOT use the pepper spray (positive thinking) and DID tranquilly reflect by serene streams somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


Pete said…
looks like the adventure is getting off to a great start.


Anonymous said…
Sarah, when I first met you I shook your hand and said, "How do you do?" I meant it then and I mean it now.

Enjoy your journey. Explore your emotions and continue to spread your love of life.

I think I will introduce myself to your pals Matthew and John this weekend.
Anonymous said…
Are you levitating?
Some say you are too much, I say you are not enough! I'm so glad you enjoyed the drive to SLC, I knew you would! I didn't see a mention of cheese curds, I sure this was simply an oversight once you tried jumping on the bed!
Miss ya....
The Mentor Ms Williams!
PS Send a postcard from Yellowstone!
Anonymous said…
Let me know when you head down to NC. Maybe your path will pass by my area (assuming you are driving).
Take care and safe travels! Annie
Christy Zuehl said…
Sarah, you look like you are flying high. Can't wait to hear where else your journey takes you...
katintheoc said…
OMG....I'm sooooo going to enjoy checking in on your adventures, Sarah. A welcome break to dirty diapers and toddler meltdowns. You have a way with words, don't you? Safe travels.

Kat Huckabey
katintheoc said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
katintheoc said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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