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i lift up my eyes to the mountains

hear ye, hear ye - I just received word that I will be working in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh with the Rural Training and Development Center once I arrive in India as a Service Corps Fellow. Hmm, I just looked at a map and it looks like I'll be near the Dalai Lama in Dharmsala.
For a "peak" of why the mountains inspire me (I can hardly believe I've resorted to such levels of corny-ness), you can check out the video soon to come. Yep, my help comes from on high (Ps. 121:1). I've been loading the video on this blog for the past 30 min & it's still not done. You know when you reach that point where you should hold out just 1 more min? Well, I'm there BUT the Faces are calling @ Mt. Rushmore & then Fargo to see Brian. On to Chicago and the Amazing RW on Sunday and the final push home Monday. Patience, grasshoppers. You'll get all your videos soon enough.

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