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honor thy father

Let me tell you why this seemingly innocuous photo carries so much weight. I am posting it on a public forum and therefore NOT charging royalties on this photo of my Dad kayaking. The significance comes from the fact that Dad has essentially held hostage pictures he took of me kayaking. We're still in negotiations on exactly what royalties will be exacted for my use of those photos.
The joy in all this is that my Dad "gets" me and I get/understand from where I inherit some of my idiosyncracies. For example, after biking to the ocean today, I went for a long kayaking voyage. I told myself I would make it as far as a distant beach. Halfway there, I began wishing I would turn around as the wind blew in my face and I literally paddled to sit still. Wish as I might, however, I simply could not convince myself to admit defeat and turn around (I don't like asking for directions, either). When Dad and I met up on my easy return trip with the wind at my back, he informed me I had paddled down to the nudist beach. I was so deep in thought about this perseverant tendency that I hadn't even noticed the bathers weren't wearing anything. My lack of observation concerns me sometimes. The great moment came after kayaking when Dad likened our need to bike back home to my unwillingness to turn around. We had already determined we were not taking the easy route (a car ride home with Mom) but biking, instead. Tired as we were, there's some unrelenting spirit in both of us that will NOT allow us to take the easy route, that pushes us the extra mile, that convinces us that we KNOW the path to the top (del Cerro, anyone?). Perhaps that's why, at the end of the day, I can honor my father (Exodus 20:12).
One more note before I sign off. Here's an example (loosely translated) of our negotiation still in the works:
Dad: You know, I'm charging royalties for those photos.
Sarah: But they're not even in my possession yet.
D: Royalties begin at the time of the photos.
S: Yes, and we have not reach t=0 because I have not received the aforementioned photos. To me, the photos are not reality.
D: What are you talking about? I cannot control your reality. It is unfortunate everyone does not see the world as I see it.
S: Are you going to take your water bottle to the beach? I mean, my water bottle that you're borrowing?
D: That's right, it's my water bottle. I'm glad you're seeing things my way.
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Christy Zuehl said...

It's fun to hear about your dad and the negotiation you are having. I smiled throughout...keep posting. Your writing is inspiring...