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clothed with gladness

This picture offers a glimpse into the past two weeks. When a friend suggested a Rockstar Party as a send-off, I was all for it! As a huge fan of costume parties, the idea of my friends dressing the part thrilled me. Add to that the backstage passes, microphones, and music and we had all the makings for a grande finale. There have been many joyous closures including dinner tonight with many friends that sent me packing with trail mix and a gas card - brilliant! Even better, they prayed over me before we departed - I felt desperately needy for that so thank you.
There have been numerous tearful goodbyes, too. Those who have ever departed or remained behind may ask, "why bother investing in the lives of others if leave takings are so bittersweet?" I know this is a short-sighted question and I assure you I would never have it any other way. I'm a relational being, created for community. We grow, stretch, and are transformed through relationships. Painful though departures may be, graciously we have hope that we will be used and grow in new ways that actually deepen those relationships. Ever the optimist at heart, I choose to be clothed in gladness (Ps. 65:12).
Here are a few snippets of the Life of Sarah:
-Mom & I had a good laugh today as Mom approached her trusty sponge to resume cleaning and said, "oh, my long lost friend, how I've missed thee these past few hours."
-Did I mention how thankful I am that Mom has scrubbed my apt from top to bottom as I've packed, visited, cried, & laughed?
-For once in my life (seriously, this is the first time), I am packed hours in advance of my departure.
-Nevertheless, sleep still evades me so I plan to be up for awhile.
-True to the plan, we're staying in Vegas tomorrow night. Mom isn't in the know yet. She will be, though, as soon as we hit the road with a high five and "Vegas, baby!" This should be fun.
-For each kindness, hug, smile, card, box, and tear I thank you.


The Hines said...

I'm so happy for you that you have this amazing journey ahead of you. While I'm sure the past week has been emotionally and physically exausting, it seems that it had also been filled with blessings and I am so happy for you that it has. I'm looking forward to your CT arrival...I can't wait to do silly things with you (I havn't worn that sparkly skirt since skiing, perhaps we can find another place for it??? haha) and just get to spend time with you! I'm praying for your trip, and I look forward to reading your future posts! love you, jess

Christy Zuehl said...

You sound so happy and excited with your upcoming journey. I can't wait to hear about your road trip and the stop in Vegas. This blog idea is fabulous!

Beth said...

Looks like you had a great send off! Sorry that I was not here to enjoy it with you.

Best of luck!